Configure your business

Add your business name

From the main menu, click the Setup tab and then Locations. Here you can add your business name, locations and entities. 

Double click the first location on the list and populate the details in the popup window. Click Save to return to the locations summary. If you have more than one location, click Add and populate the details in the popup window, then click Save.

You can also associate business hours, departments and roles to each location.

Add your employees

Your ClockOn trial has been populated with placeholder employees, meaning you can simply edit the names and other details. 

From the main menu, click the Setup tab and then Employee Details. You can see the list of placeholder employees by clicking the dropdown box beside Employee. Click on an employee and populate the details. Key employee details that can be added include name, pay rate, rule set, bank account and super fund. 

Depending on your total employee numbers, you may need to delete or add employees. Both of these functions can be performed from the main menu inside Employee Details.

Using ClockOn Payroll?

From the main menu, click the Setup tab and then System Setup. Here you can add super fund information, payslip categories, leave types and you can set your public holidays and leave exclusion dates. 

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